1. I don’t care , but I am going to be male chauvinist today .

    The next morning .

    The day after ,i felt so strongly about hacking this one girl who i know into bits and pieces , i am a little sober.

    I may not be shouting now , but I am definitely pissed. I dont want you to be nice and curt. I dont care if you dont bestow me with those favours. I really dont. But there is a line beyond which it is construed as an infringement of the ego realm. That line must never be crossed. My language is filthy and I dont want to bathe anyone in it. But time forces me to , again and again. 

    Women could have united people under the same banner. if they could , they would have already done it. They inspire no loyalty. They miss out on most key things that keep people together. A sense of self-worth , a sense of being needed . A few things in this world keep the people rooted to their places. These are those. 

    I am too pissed to write more. 

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  2. The Ten Kings

    The Ten Kings

    The Ten Kings , stand together in perfect unison. Unshakeable till one falls. Intertwined into each others lives so deeply , that it would make a heart cry when they split. Dressed in an identical uniform , a white coat and a elvish armor with a deep contrast to the mop of red . They have been swords/wandsticks for hire. They have been known to provide relief to those in need , they take away the pain from those who are too weak to fight it. Empower them with temporary insanity to fight the people , they fear the most. 

    They break away when one dies or rather burns up into ashes . They become a lowly whore-house , where every man is king from the brotherhood they whence were. 

    This is my ode to you O’ great Ten Kings


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  3. Cheers to a brand new beginning

    This is a new beginning to a new life. This a brand new attempt at keeping things in my control. In my hands . Letting me do things and not just procrastinate. Thats what i have fallen into . The marsh keeps sucking me in and after a point , i just become a hopeful lunatic. 

    So cheers to a brand new Blog . Hopefully a sign of better things to do. Cheerios :D

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